Bayside Regenerative Medicine

What isnew-k Regenerative Medicine? RM (Regenerative Medicine) combines traditional medicine with integrative care. Both branches of medicine have their individual strengths. RM combines these with proper nutrition, exercise, hormonal restoration and select pharmaceutical grade supplements to help people regain and maintain optimal health. We also offer non surgical dermatology procedures to allow you to put a more youthful face with your wellness plan.

Why is Bayside Regenerative Medicine different? Dr. Kalmbacher will take the time to get to know you and understand your health goals. She will look at all aspects of your life. In addition to a medical evaluation, we will make sure that other aspects of health like sleep, stress, digestion, sexual function and energy level are addressed. Dr. Kalmbacher is board certified in family medicine and finished her board certification in anti aging and regenerative medicine September 2013. She will work with your current medical providers to integrate your care and open the door to a better life.

Exercise is Medicine
Exercise is a fundamental part of my life. In fact it is one of the cornerstones of my being holding equal weight with restorative sleep, nutritious food and meaningful work. Of course learning to love and laugh fills in much of the remaining foundation. Exercise can improve almost all aspects of life and has been shown to reduce depression, cardiovascular disease, diabetes and osteoporosis. If exercise was a pill everyone would take it as it has proven benefits and is virtually side effect free. My patients need to know that I will expect them to work up to walking a mile a day or the energy expenditure equivalent to fully benefit from their anti aging program. They should also not be surprised if I write them a prescription to tell someone a joke most days a week and to stop and smell the flowers.