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About Dr. Kristin Kalmbacher & Bayside Regenerative Medicine

Dr. Kalmbacher smiling in a professional portrait.

Personalized Holistic Health Care with Dr. Kalmbacher

At Bayside Regenerative Medicine, Dr. Kristin Kalmbacher passionately pioneers a distinct approach to health and wellness. Fueled by her firm conviction that traditional patient care often falls short of addressing the entirety of a person's well-being, she aims to transform lives through integrative health solutions.


Drawing insights from her studies at the California Institute of Integral Studies, Dr. Kalmbacher has illuminated the profound difference between merely treating a disease and nurturing the complete individual. She often notes, "Addressing only a single ailment without considering the whole person is akin to caring for a plant's leaves and neglecting its roots. It's essential to honor and care for every facet of our being to achieve genuine health and happiness."

Specializing in Comprehensive Health Solutions

Beyond general men's and women's health, Dr. Kalmbacher is an expert in:

  • Anti-Aging

  • Hormone Replacement Therapy

  • Mental Wellness: Anxiety & Depression Management

  • Cognitive Function Enhancement

  • Non-Invasive Cosmetic Procedures


Her rigorous academic pursuits led her to earn a Medical Degree and a Master's in Public Health & Tropical Medicine from the prestigious Tulane Medical School. Always eager to expand her knowledge, Dr. Kalmbacher is certified in Acupuncture, Functional Medicine, and Ayurvedic medicine. Currently, she is enhancing her skills with Advanced Peptide Therapy training under the guidance of renowned expert, Dr. Suzanne Turner.


At the heart of her practice lies a commitment to her patients' individual stories. She shares, "Every patient brings a unique narrative. It's a privilege to weave my expertise into their journey, be it prescribing medication or crafting a transformative lifestyle strategy."


Dr. Kalmbacher Outside The Clinic

Outside the realm of medicine, Dr. Kalmbacher cherishes moments with her family - her husband, three children, and a trio of dogs. She's an avid runner, swimmer, weightlifter, and a voracious reader.

The Bayside Regenerative Medicine Promise:

  • Holistic Care: We treat the individual, not just the symptoms.

  • Root-Cause Analysis: Delve deep to address the core of the ailment.

  • Proactive Wellness: Emphasis on preventive care for sustained health.

  • Unwavering Commitment: Personalized care attuned to your needs.

Bayside Regenerative Medicine

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