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Cryoskin is the latest cutting-edge technology revolutionizing the market of fat loss and toning treatments.  It involves the application of sub-zero temperatures to destroy fat cells. 

It is safe and non-invasive. Each treatment takes less than an hour and does not require down time. There are two applications for Cryoskin.


  • Cryoskin Slimming: A 28 minute treatment per area that uses both heat and cold to destroy fat cells in the stomach, thighs, arms and back. The fat is then removed by the     lymphatic system. Treatments are applied every 2 weeks and most patients require 3-6 treatments for best results. A six month refreshment treatment may be needed.

With a sensible diet and exercise, your results may last years. We recommend that you consume only water 2 hours before and after the procedure unless medically contraindicated.


  • Cryoskin Toning: A 20 minute cold therapy only that improves micro-circulation and speeds up cellular metabolism which results in higher collagen production and more youthful looking skin. This procedure has amazing results on the body and face.

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