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Dr. Kristin Kalmbacher

I was born in Pennsylvania and grew up in rural central Florida. In 1991, I moved to New Orleans and received a Medical Degree as well as a Masters of Public Health and Tropical Medicine from Tulane. After this, I completed a family practice residency and public health service obligation in Savannah, Georgia. After four years, I became dissatisfied with the scope of traditional western medicine and sought to expand my skills by becoming certified in the practice of acupuncture and Ayurvedic medicine. In 2003, I moved to Northern California to attend a doctoral program at California Institute of Integral Studies. My goal was to develop a better understanding of why illness could be a revolutionary transformation for some and a hopeless abyss for others. Understandably, I wanted to be able to guide my patients into the former route.

I currently live in Fairhope, Alabama with my husband and three young children. I have been an avid runner, swimmer and weightlifter for thirty years. I am concerned about my patients who have no time to be sick and no time to live a healthy lifestyle. To this end, I am perusing a medical fellowship in anti-aging and regenerative medicine through the University of South Florida medical school. I offer my patients information on how to live up to their full potential. I emphasize the benefits of living a healthy lifestyle and the informed use of vitamins and neutraceuticals (non pharmacologic supplements). I also offer a few safe cosmetic procedures for those who want to jump start their transformation. Each of my patients are unique, and it is an honor to get to know them through the history they share. I invite you to make an appointment so I can better understand your needs and goals. Together we can develop a plan for you to feel well and express your individual talents.

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