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Discover Comprehensive Care: Dr. Kalmbacher's Premier Specialties

Empowering Your Journey to Wellness and Beauty from Within.

Explore Our Premier Specialties

Anchored by Dr. Kristin Kalmbacher's expertise, Bayside Regenerative Medicine offers a diverse range of specialized treatments. From integrative wellness therapies to cutting-edge beauty procedures, we're committed to nurturing your inner health and outer radiance. Dive deep into our specialties and embrace a journey towards comprehensive well-being.

Hormones, our body's vital messengers, ensure well-being. When imbalanced, they can impact mood, energy, metabolism, and overall health. Recognizing these signs is critical. Treatments may range from lifestyle adjustments to Hormone Replacement Therapy. Dr. Kalmbacher thoroughly examines your symptoms, lifestyle, and hormone levels via lab tests when required. With these insights, she formulates a therapy plan to restore hormonal balance and rejuvenate your vitality.

Experience personalized healthcare with Dr. Kalmbacher as your trusted physician. Get an annual Comprehensive Wellness Evaluation for a customized healthcare plan. Stay healthy through education, prevention, and attentive care. Dr. Kalmbacher's holistic approach focuses on fitness, nutrition, and emotional well-being. Build an exceptional patient-physician relationship with the doctor who knows you best. Schedule your evaluation now!

Defy aging and rejuvenate your skin with custom anti-aging treatments at Bayside Regenerative Medicine. Our expert, Dr. Kalmbacher, utilizes safe, effective methods such as Botox, dermal fillers, peels, lasers, and thread lifts for your natural beauty enhancement. Lessen wrinkles and refine skin texture for a youthful glow. Don't let age impact your confidence. Contact us today for top-quality, personalized anti-aging solutions.

Comprehensive Wellness

Doctor discussing wellness with a patient in a consultative setting.
Before and after image of a woman showcasing visible anti-aging cosmetic treatment results.

Cosmetic Procedures

Hormone Therapy

Graphic on a black background with 'Hormonal Imbalance' written in white text, surrounded by symptoms of hormonal imbalance highlighted in yellow text.

As we age, forgetfulness can increase and impact our daily lives. Memory-related issues need attention early to prevent further decline. Dementia is a growing concern, affecting millions of older Americans. Although there is no cure, there are steps to improve brain health and memory. Dr. Kalmbacher offers personalized cognitive health and well-being plans to help you regain mental sharpness.

Are you struggling with anxiety or depression? Dr. Kalmbacher can help. She understands how these issues impact your relationships, family, work, and physical health and offers personalized treatment options to improve your well-being. Gain coping strategies and enhance your mental health. Call Dr. Kalmbacher today. Don't suffer in silence.

Aging affects more than your looks—it also touches your emotional, cognitive, and social well-being. Don't let this process dull your spark. Dr. Kalmbacher's tailored strategies can champion healthy aging, reigniting your vitality for a vigorous, joyful life.


Anxiety & Depression

Cognitive Decline

What Our Patients Say...

Unleash your body's potential with peptide therapy. This advanced treatment harnesses natural peptides to boost bodily functions such as anti-aging, immunity, weight management, cognitive performance, and sports enhancement. With various delivery methods,  peptide therapy is customizable to your needs. Trust Dr. Kalmbacher, an expert in peptide therapy, for quality care. Experience the future of medical science and enhance your health and vitality today!

Detailed molecule structure graphic of peptide symbolizing anti-aging peptide therapy.

Peptide Therapy

IASIS Micro Current Feedback

Begin a transformative journey toward mental well-being with Micro Current Neurofeedback Therapy at Bayside Regenerative Medicine. Here, the synergy of state-of-the-art technology and personalized care empowers you to effectively address anxiety, depression, and PTSD while enhancing your overall quality of life. Say goodbye to conventional pharmaceutical approaches and embrace this revolutionary, non-invasive path to rediscover balance and well-being in your life.

Senior woman laughing, showcasing renewed vitality after anti-aging treatment.
Holding Hands symbolizing support and hope in overcoming anxiety and depression.
Incomplete puzzle depicting cognitive decline with a missing piece.
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