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Maximizing Botox® & Dysport® Results: Unleashing the Power of Zinc and Phytase Supplements

Molecule illustration representing its role in enhancing Botox treatment effectiveness, a key focus of John C Koshy's groundbreaking study on botulinum toxin treatments.


A study conducted by John C. Koshy reveals that the addition of zinc citrate and phytase supplements can enhance the effectiveness and duration of Botox® treatments. This offers individuals a new way to maximize the benefits of their treatments.


John C. Koshy's groundbreaking study explores the potential of zinc and phytase supplements in improving Botox treatments—a popular solution for wrinkles and facial spasms.

Overview of Study:

The study involved administering different botulinum toxin treatments alongside various supplements, including zinc citrate with phytase, zinc gluconate, or a placebo. The goal was to observe any differences in treatment outcomes and duration.


The study found that participants who took zinc citrate and phytase supplements experienced significant improvements:

  • 92% of participants experienced a nearly 30% increase in the duration of Botox® effects.

  • 84% reported an elevation in the effectiveness of their treatment.

In contrast, those who took zinc gluconate or a placebo did not report any notable improvements.


This research suggests that integrating zinc and phytase supplements can potentially amplify the benefits of Botox® treatments, offering a valuable addition to the treatment of wrinkles and facial spasms.


These findings are crucial as they pave the way for enhanced patient satisfaction and more potent Botox treatment results. Further studies can validate the use of this supplement combination as a standard recommendation before undergoing botulinum toxin treatments.

Logo of the National Library of Medicine, a resource for medical research and literature, providing access to the abstract of John C Koshy's study on the role of Zinc and Phytase in enhancing Botox treatments.


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