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Testosterone Therapy Post-Prostate Cancer: Dr. Morgentaler's New Perspectives

For many years, prostate cancer (PCa) was a reason to avoid testosterone (T) therapy in men. However, recent insights into the relationship between androgens and PCa and the benefits of T therapy have led to a re-evaluation of this stance. Studies have shown a low rate of adverse outcomes when T therapy is given after treatments like radical prostatectomy (RP), radiation, or to men under active surveillance. While there are only a few of these studies and the number of participants is limited, they suggest that T therapy could be considered for certain men with PCa. Clinicians should prioritize patients with low-grade cancers and those with undetectable prostate-specific antigen post-RP. More research is needed to understand the safety of T therapy for men with PCa, but many patients with T deficiency are willing to take the potential risks for the benefits of T therapy.



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