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We care for the whole person rather thant the single issue or disease.

We care for the whole person rather than a single issue or disease.

Dr. Kristin Kalmbacher

Dr. Kristin Kalmbacher

Dr. Kristin Kalmbacher founded Bayside Regenerative Medicine based on her belief that simply following traditional methods of patient care did not treat the whole person. 

Dr. Kalmbacher treats women’s and men’s health issues with a focus on bringing vitality to both the mind and body. She specializes in Hormone Replacement, Anti Aging and Cognitive function. Dr. Kalmbacher received her Medical Degree and Master’s in Public Health & Tropical Medicine from Tulane Medical School. She is certified in the practice of Acupuncture, Functional and Ayurvedic medicine and attended a doctoral program at California Institute of Integral Studies. 

As a lifelong learner, Dr. Kalmbacher is currently participating in Advanced Training in Peptide Therapy, a cutting-edge medical treatment that utilizes naturally occurring peptides to optimize your body's physiological processes including a healthy immune system, improved mental clarity, weight loss, fat reduction, increased libido, and reduced inflammation.

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"Dr. Kalmbacher is exceptional. She is smart, practical and most of all, caring. She takes a detailed history and listens well. She is up to date on current medical trends and is not afraid to think outside the box. Best of all, she is extremely compassionate and dedicated to her patients. I highly recommend her."

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