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Woman meditating peacefully, exemplifying the integrative care approach of treating the whole person.

Integrative Care: Treating the Whole Person, Not Just Symptoms

Blending traditional and alternative therapies, Bayside Regenerative Medicine prioritizes holistic health solutions. We delve deep, targeting root causes for lasting, comprehensive wellness.

Discover Integrative Healthcare at Bayside Regenerative Medicine. 

Welcome to Bayside Regenerative Medicine, your premier destination for integrative healthcare. Our holistic treatments transcend typical care, delving beyond symptoms to address underlying health issues. By synergizing traditional medical practices with advanced alternative therapies, we provide a comprehensive path to lasting wellness and holistic well-being.

Dr. Kalmbacher smiling in a professional portrait

Dr. Kristin Kalmbacher: Bridging Traditional & Alternative Healing

Under the guidance of our founder, Dr. Kristin Kalmbacher, Bayside Regenerative Medicine embraces a balanced approach to health by blending conventional medicine with time-honored complementary therapies. Dr. Kalmbacher specializes in Hormone Replacement Therapy, Anti-Aging, and Cognitive Function. Her extensive education — including a Medical Degree from Tulane, certifications in Acupuncture, Functional and Ayurvedic medicine, and doctoral studies from the California Institute of Integral Studies — equips our clinic with a uniquely holistic healing approach.

Explore the transformative benefits of Peptide Therapy under Dr. Kalmbacher's expertise. This innovative treatment sharpens mental clarity, aids weight management, and alleviates inflammation. Embark on a journey to comprehensive wellness with Bayside Regenerative Medicine.

Explore Our Premier Specialties

Anchored by Dr. Kristin Kalmbacher's expertise, Bayside Regenerative Medicine offers a diverse range of specialized treatments. From integrative wellness therapies to cutting-edge beauty procedures, we're committed to nurturing your inner health and outer radiance. Dive deep into our specialties and embrace a journey towards comprehensive well-being.

Senior woman laughing, showcasing youthful skin after anti-aging treatment


Aging impacts both appearance and overall well-being. With Dr. Kalmbacher's specialized anti-aging approaches, restore vitality and embrace a radiant, active life.

Hands holding together, symbolizing support and hope in overcoming anxiety and depression.

Anxiety & Depression

Battling anxiety or depression? With Dr. Kalmbacher's expertise, gain coping strategies that uplift your mental well-being. Let's navigate the path to healing together. Don't face it alone.

Incomplete puzzle depicting cognitive decline with a missing piece.

Cognitive Decline

Notice increasing forgetfulness? Early intervention is key to combating memory decline. While dementia remains a challenge, there are ways to bolster brain health. With Dr. Kalmbacher's tailored plans, rediscover your mental clarity.

Doctor discussing wellness with a happy patient in a consultative setting.

Comprehensive Wellness

Seeking tailored healthcare? Embark on an annual Wellness Evaluation with Dr. Kalmbacher. Prioritizing fitness, nutrition, and emotional balance, her approach ensures thorough care. Cultivate a deep patient-physician bond and step into proactive health. Book your evaluation today!

Cosmetic Procedures

Elevate your beauty at Bayside Regenerative Medicine. Led by Dr. Kalmbacher, we offer transformative treatments like Botox, dermal fillers, peels, and more. Achieve smoother skin and a youthful radiance. Enhance your confidence and natural beauty. Discover our expert solutions today.

Informative graphic for the hormonal imbalance section, featuring 'Hormonal Imbalance' in bold white text on a black background, accompanied by its symptoms, weight gain, tiredness, low libido,  mood swings, insomnia, acne,listed in vibrant yellow text.

Hormone Therapy

Balance your well-being with optimal hormone levels. Whether it's mood, energy, or metabolism, hormones play a pivotal role. Dr. Kalmbacher's expert analysis, based on lab tests, identifies imbalances. Rely on her tailored plans, from lifestyle changes to Hormone Replacement Therapy, to reignite your zest for life. Dive into balanced wellness with us.

Detailed molecule structure graphic for the peptide therapy information section.

Peptide Therapy

Experience cutting-edge medical advancement with peptide therapy. Utilizing  peptides, this transformative treatment optimizes functions from anti-aging to cognitive performance. Dr. Kalmbacher's expertise and personalized approaches, unlock a new dimension of health and vitality. Dive into the next-level wellness with us.

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