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What is Regenerative Medicine?

RM (Regenerative Medicine) combines traditional medicine with integrative care. Both branches of medicine have their individual strengths. RM combines these with proper nutrition, exercise, hormonal restoration and select pharmaceutical grade supplements to help people regain and maintain optimal health. We also offer non surgical dermatology procedures to allow you to put a more youthful face with your wellness plan.

Dr. Kalmbacher will take the time to get to know you and understand your health goals. She will look at all aspects of your life. In addition to a medical evaluation, we will make sure that other aspects of health like sleep, stress, digestion, sexual function and energy level are addressed. Dr. Kalmbacher is board certified in family medicine and finished her board certification in anti aging and regenerative medicine September 2013. She will work with your current medical providers to integrate your care and open the door to a better life.

Why is Bayside Regenerative Medicine different?

Dr. Kristin Kalmbacher


After a consultation and physical exam, we can decide what type of testing may provide information to guide your care.

Below is a list of available services (not available tests).

• Comprehensive cholesterol evaluation/ VAP testing
• Well child exams
• Annual physicals
• PAP testing and Mammogram referrals
• Bone density referrals
• Heavy metal exposure testing
• Intestinal parasite evaluation
• Screening for intestinal malabsorption
• Testing for Candida overgrowth
• Delineation of estrogen metabolism as it pertains

   to breast cancer risk

• Testing for common environmental pollutants and pesticides

• Mold sensitivity testing

• Weight loss support and body fat percentage analysis

• Assessment of intracellular vitamins and nutrients to individualize

   patient supplement regimens

• Adrenal function analysis (salivary)

• Hormonal evaluation and support

• Treatment of menopausal and peri menopausal symptoms

• In depth thyroid function analysis

• Optimal vitamin d repletion

• Non pharmacological therapy for hypertension and

   hyperlipidemia when indicated

• Neurotransmitter evaluation and targeted nutritional therapy

   for ADD, depression and anxiety

• Laser hair reduction, photo rejuvination and treatment of

   superficial leg veins.

• Hormone pellet insertion



100 N. Bancroft Street Suite A2
Fairhope, AL  36532

Tel: 251-517-1050



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