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Sunburned? Heal Faster with Copper Peptides

by Debbi Barber, Vitali Regenerative Skin Care


This past month, I have had several customers ask about using Copper Peptides (GHK-Cu) for sunburn. GHK-Cu, the great wound healer, can be a great protector as well as a healer for sun damage. Today, I would like to share more about how it works.

What happens when your skin gets sunburned?

Sunburn is a radiation burn caused when the sun's ultraviolet rays damage DNA in the upper layer of skin cells.


The sun emits three kinds of UV radiation - UVA, B, and C. UVC is mainly absorbed by the earth's atmosphere, but UVA and B rays reach the ground and can penetrate unprotected skin.

UVB penetrates the epidermis, the top layer of the skin, which can induce a suntan and sunburn. It can also cause DNA damage. UVA has low energy and never burns the skin. However, it is the most dangerous type of UV radiation as it can penetrate much more profoundly than any other UV radiation, damaging skin collagen and cell DNA.

Once the cells of the top layer of skin (called keratinocytes) detect DNA damage in themselves, they begin producing molecules to attract immune cells into the skin. This action causes the skin's blood vessels to leak into the spaces between cells and other skin structures. This extra fluid and the swelling leads to red skin, a hot sensation, and painful sensitivity of freshly sunburned skin. Immune cell invasion begins while you're still sitting in the sun but increases about an hour after you come in from the sun. The process peaks 24 to 48 hours later, which is why the redness and pain of a sunburn can continue developing for a couple of days.

How do Copper Peptides help?

Copper Peptides demonstrate remarkable anti-inflammatory and antioxidant power that can speed up sunburn healing and help treat the redness caused by sunburn inflammation. Research shows that GHK-Cu increases the healing rate following burn by as much as 33%. In addition to recruiting immune cells and fibroblasts, GHK-Cu promotes blood vessel growth, crucial in wound healing as burned skin often has impaired blood vessel regeneration. See Research. What about DNA Damage?

DNA damage occurs to radiated skin and radiation in general. The presence of Copper Peptides initiates the DNA repair process. When fibroblasts, the repair cells of the skin, are exposed to radiation, they're then able to replicate themselves, as well as fibroblasts not exposed to radiation. To demonstrate the healing power of Vitali Serum with Copper Peptides, here are before and after photos from a Vitali customer who suffered a second degree burn while cooking.




You deserve immediate relief and lasting protection. Stop by Bayside Regenerative Medicine and pick up a bottle of Vitali Serum with Copper Peptides today, and let your journey to faster sunburn healing begin.

Don't just soothe your sunburn - heal it!


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